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Coronavirus Info & FAQ - Swimming Pool, Shop and other areas

Swimming Pool

FUETHER UPDATE 4th July 2020:
Despite initially looking like the UK Gov would make an exception for small pools on holiday parks being pre-booked and used by one family at a time, it has now been confirmed that all pools will remain closed until at least mid-July.

Previous Update 1st July 2020:
Late on 30/6/20 the UK Gov published additional guidance for providers of outdoor facilities on the phased return of sport and recreation in England, which states very clearly in the introduction:

"outdoor and indoor swimming pools will remain closed"

This is different from previous guidance received and may refer to public pools rather than small pools such as the one at Alpine Grove that we feel can be properly managed for social distancing using a pre-booking system as outlined below. We are attempting to get clarification on this as soon as possible, hopefully before we open on 6/7, otherwise our pool will need to remain closed until we are told otherwise.

We can only apologise to guests with bookings who we have told our pool would be open. As it stands, the decision has been taken out of our hands.

Updated 4/7: As soon as it is permitted, we will open our pool for individual family (or social bubble) use for pre-booked 1hr timeslots throughout the day. UK Gov guidance/approval for this is expected mid-July in line with the opening of larger public pools. Details on how to reserve a time slot will be provided at check in.

All furniture has been removed from the pool area to avoid any contamination risk and there is a hand sanitiser dispenser near the entrance to be used on entry and exit.

Entry to the pool area without a reservation or while another family is using it will not be permitted. We ask guests to be considerate and not overstay their reservation time or to abuse the reservation system which has been put in place for their own safety. The alternative is a closed pool that no-one can enjoy, repeat offenders will be asked to leave.


There will be a one-way system in place for people to come to our shop and only two people per family will be permitted inside at any time with signage for socially distanced queuing outside. There is a hand sanitiser dispenser near the entrance for guests to use on entry and exit. We will continue to accept cash payments but would prefer contactless card payments if possible.

Children’s Play Area

Regrettably, even though public play parks will be allowed to reopen, our play area will remain closed as we are currently unable to guarantee the correct levels of sanitisation and social distancing if it was open. We will review the requirements on a weekly basis in the hope that a solution can be found within the guidelines, that will enable it to be safely opened and used.

Other Areas

The remainder of our site including our woodland area will be open to guests providing they comply with the current social distancing rules, especially with young children. Please give all tents, caravans, motorhomes, campervans and log cabins a wide birth unless they are your own or you are staying in them. Avoid contact with anyone outside of your family group or bubble as much as possible and ensure you wash your hands regularly using soap and water or hand sanitiser.

Other Coronavirus Info:


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